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Prairie Land Dance Club Bootnotes
Last Update: Feb 10, 2019

Remember: Bootnotes available 24/7
Just Click "Contact Us" at the top of the home page

Please be sure to check the Home Page @ www.PLDC.org 
To check for schedule changes,

Especially in bad or questionable weather.
You can call 217-413-8646 with questions.


President's Message:

Winter has set in with 6 to 9 inches of snow, some ice and temps in the teens and lower. Again, I ask myself WHY I live in this climate. Both Les and I took forward to our Snow Bird days. 

Be SURE to double check the events at PLDC when the weather is bad or questionable. The website and Bootnotes will reflect changes due to weather, and actually all year long. In the past, Illiopolis has had problems with their water main and therefore the club didn't have running water. We have had to close for all sorts of odd reasons over the years. It's not a bad idea to double check ... and check out the website AND Bootnotes while you're at it.

We have a new wedding in 2019. PLDC has brought another couple together, Jeff McKinney and Chris Field! They met on the dance floor who knows HOW long ago :^) and will be married in June of this year. Our congratulations go out to both of them and we look forward to seeing much more of them in 2019 now that their Barn is almost finished.

 Check out the Second Chance Dance info below. Thanks to Linda Serra for keeping us all looking forward to special dance nights at the club all year long. Another GREAT reason to pull up the website and the Bootnotes on a regular basis.

Les and I were looking for new Waltz turns for the Intermediate Waltz Class a couple weeks ago and pulled out a VCR tape (yes, we still have them and still use them) of Dave and Dee Boyer dancing in DeWayne and Caroline Crawford's basement. Boy did that take us back to the good ole days. Big smiles on both of them and they floated around in a circle. So, one more Special Thank YOU to the Boyers, Crawfords, Clarks and Littles. If it weren't for them and for the Charter Members that brought this club together, none of us would be dancing today. If you are inclined to send them a note of gratitude, send them to me at dance2morrow@comcast.net and will be sure to forward them for you.

--As always, see you on the dance floor!!

 Suzi Morrow

NEW PLDC Shirt Order - It's Not Too Late To Order Something!!

Some PLDC folks are putting together a PLDC Shirt order, so if you've been wanting a shirt or coat or whatever, Now is the Time! See Bob or Sharon or Linda at the club. The catalog is on the middle table in the upper level. We don't send orders in very often, maybe twice a year, so check it out if you are interested.


As you know, the PLDC newsletter, the Bootnotes, is available every day of every month of every year! Suzi Morrow updates the Bootnotes on an on-going basis so send her information of interest to the dancers AND check in with the newsletter for new Sunshine news, new event information, and any other new News Items. dance2morrow@comcast.net "Bootnotes News" in the subject line.

PLDC will no longer offer Bootnotes subscriptions because we currently don't have anyone subscribing and we will discontinue this as an option.

The Bootnotes is always at your fingertips though through the Website!

www.PLDC.org and click on Contact Us  --  just that simple.

Santa's Elves Sale is a year-round thing!

We are now ready to start selling items for the 2019 campaign, so keep shopping!

We have new and used items that get updated all the time, so make it a habit to check it out every time you're at the club. You will find a treasure at a great price and a child will get another gift under the Christmas Tree in 2019 -- Win Win!

PLDC Dance Class Session Schedule

Beginner Two Step           Sept 5 - 26 (4 wk session)
Intermediate Two Step     Oct 10 - 31 (4 wk session)
Beginner Waltz              Nov 14 - Dec 5 (4 wk session)
Intermediate Waltz            Jan 2 - 23 (4 wk session)
B/I East Coast Swing        Feb 6 - Mar 13 (6 wk session) 3 wks B; 3 wks I
Beginner Nightclub Two    Mar 27 - April 17 (4wk session)
Flow Session                    May 7 - 28 (4 wk session) Learn NEW dance each wee

4 week class session $20/couple
6 week class session $30/couple
All Lessons Free to PLDC Members
All Session Fees incl door fee for the dance on Wednesdays and Reduced Rate on Fridays - $3/pp

Of course, the FREE patterned dance lesson at 7:30pm will continue on Wednesdays and all students are welcomed and encouraged to take those lessons.

Party Time:

Second Chance Dance Valentine's Party
Oops ... Did you Forget Valentine's Day !?!    
Here's a chance to save yourself!! Take him/her to the PLDC Second Chance Dance Friday February 15th

Pot Luck Dinner and Dessert -- Lots of slow dances - Let's get that disco ball lit up!

Dinner, Dancing, Dessert and your Darling!!

Praire Land Birthdays:

February Birthdays:
6     Carolyn Crawford
7     Jan Staley ; Les Morrow
8     John Himelsbach
9     Jan Sparling
13   Louise Dolvig
19   James Thieret

Sunshine News:

Leona Urquhart lost her mother February 7th. She was a resident at Heritage Health in Mt. Zion before her death. Our condolences go out the Leona and her family.

Former member Eddie Goller lost his mother recently. Our condolences go out to Eddie and Teresa and Eddie's family. You have our prayers.

Butch Baker is Back! It is so good to have you back on the dance floor, Butch!

Jan Staley and Robyn Spry have both hurt their leg in one way or another. We hope they are both on the mend and will hobble out to PLDC soon.

Send your Sunshine information to
Julia Byrkit for Springfield news, or Diane Fruchtl for Decatur news.
(email Suzi for their contact information:

Demo News:

No new Demos to report. Keep a look out here for information on Demos.

Thanks to Sharon G for doing the scheduling and keeping track of the sign up sheets AND Patty for handling our music. It's a huge help!!

Everyone is welcome anytime to dance in demos and/or at demo practice
Just let Patty, Sharon or Suzi know if you have questions

What's Coming Up?

Feb. 15th - Special Valentine's Dance ~ Second Chance Dance. See info above.

For Country Dances and Lessons:
Click on "Current Events" for the most current dance and lesson information!

General Dance/Lesson Schedule:       
Every Wednesday – Lead & Follow sessions run from Sept to April each year at 7pm
Line or Flow Lesson @ 7:30pm Year Round!! (Free with $5/pp admission fee [$3/pp, members])
Every Wednesday – Open Dance @ 8pm

Every Friday – Open Dance @ 7pm ($5/pp admission [$3/pp, members]) 

The Groove – watch the 'Current Events' schedule for changes due to other dances in the area! Usually the 3rd Saturday. Was cancelled in January due to weather concerns. 

Prairie Ballroom Dance -- 4th Saturday
7pm - 11pm Prairie Ballroom Dance ($5/pp or $3/pp for PLDC members)

Taking Care of Business:

Membership:  77ish

PLDC Officers -- If you have a question or concern, contact these folks:
President - Suzi Morrow          Vice President - position vacant
Treasurer - Pam Hines     Asst Tresurer - Tom Serra     Secretary - Sharon Gipson

Board of Directors -- If you have a question or concern, contact these folks:
Chairman - Les Morrow     Vice Chair - Linda Serra     Secretary - Sharon Gipson
Board Members: Jetta Boldini, Cindy Harris, Don Hunt, Bob Gipson, Sharon Gipson, Les Morrow, Suzi Morrow, Linda Serra

Have a Problem? See ...
Maintenance issue - John Mahan
Membership - Cindy Harris
Bootnotes - Suzi Morrow
Party Planning - Linda Serra

To get contact information for any of these people, email dance2morrow@comcast.net