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Prairie Land Dance Club Bootnotes
Last Update: July 4, 2018
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President's Message:

The hot temps arrived along with some rain, so we are into the thick of summer. PLDC is still the best place to have fun on a hot sulty night, so come on out and get your steps "in" for the day.

Our classes are still in the summer break, but we are working on the new schedule and we will share that as soon as possible. Of course, the FREE lesson night on Wednesday continues . When you see them on the dance floor, give thanks to our instructor team of Patty, Suzi, Jim, Julia and Butch! If anyone else would like to share a dance, just let one of us know. Thanks to all our instructors for sharing their time and talent.

Looking forward to seeing lots of people on the dance floor - and YOU among them!  :^)

Suzi Morrow

Club Closed July4th - Have a Safe and Happy Independence Day Celebration!

August 4th - Decatur Celebration Goodtimes Parade

There is a sign up sheet at the club for 'walkers' in the Goodtimes Parade. This is a great opportunity to let the community know about PLDC, so if you are available August 4th please let us know. We need several more walkers and if you get tired, you can always ride along in the truck bed and wave to the crowd! If you'd rather let Suzi know or if you have any questions give her a call, 428-1560.

August 4th, Franklin and Decatur Street intersection in Decatur, meet between 9-9:30am. Please wear PLDC t-shirt. We have extras if needed.

Membership eMeeting

Things must be going well at PLDC since there were no comments to discuss! Fantastic!!

We are enjoying a steady group of dancers each Wed and Fri night. The Groove dance attendance is down a little but Steve is working on building those numbers up a little. The Prairie Ballroom dances usually hold steady at between 20-30 dancers. All this provides the funds continue to take care of expenses at the club and we have not needed to dip into our savings at all so All is Good! Your continued support on the dance floor will continue to keep PLDC strong! Thanks to Pam Hines for keeping the bills paid and doing a great job!

Our membership is holding around 84 and has for several months now, so that is great! Thanks to Cindy Harris for taking care of all the paperwork for us!

There are no major, or minor, repairs needed at the club. John Mahan stays on top of things as they come up. Thanks, John! What would we do without you?? Keep your fingers crossed that the air conditioners hold out for a few more years! The garden is in need of a trim and Les and Suzi Morrow are planning a trimming trip to the club Wed. June 27th. Check it out Wed. night or on Friday when you're at the club. Hopefully it will look better!

The Board of Directors elected new Board Officers. Les Morrow is the Chairman, Linda Serra is the Vice-Chair and Sharon Gipson is the Secretary. Thank you for your service!

Patty and her crew continue to keep the club seasonal and beautiful. Thanks for the continuously wonderful job you do, Patty!

We have a new group of items for sale on the kitchen bar area. Everything is $5 each (a few frames are $5 per grouping) so look it over! When you find a great buy, pay the door person. All proceeds are going to the Santa's Elves Project in December.

Speaking of Door People, a huge thank you goes out to Jetta Boldini and Bob Gipson who always make sure the door is covered week after week. Your help is really appreciated!!

PLDC Dance Class Session Schedule

Summer Break 2018 – 7:30pm Free Lessons Continue through summer !!

We are in the process of planning the next Session Schedule for 2018 - 2019
Watch for updates!!

Party Time:

July 20th - Ice Cream Social to celebrate National Ice Cream Soda Day - bring cake, pie or soda - ice cream provided!

Praire Land Birthdays:

6/25  Jerry Pressley
6/30  Pam Hines
7/11  Jan Sparling
7/12  Butch Baker
7/17  Laniesa Herman
7/24  Lanny Aderman

If I missed your birthday, never fear! Cindy will send me the birthday list for July soon and I will add any that are missing.

Sunshine News:

Darrell Timmons will be having knee replacement surgery soon. We wish you well, Darrell! Janice will take good care of you.

Send your Sunshine information to
Julia Byrkit for Springfield news, or Diane Fruchtl for Decatur news.
(email Suzi for their contact information:

Demo News:

Demos at the State Fair:
August 12th dancing from 2 to 3pm at the Ethnic Village
August 16th dancing from 11 to 12pm at the IL Dept of Aging, Illinois Building (first building on the left just inside the main gate #1)

There are sign up sheets at the club. If you want to dance at either/both of these just let Sharon Gipson, Patty Mahan or Suzi Morrow know and we can put your name of the list(s).

Everyone is welcome anytime to dance in demos and/or at demo practice
Just let Patty, Sharon or Suzi know if you have questions

What's Coming Up?

For Country Dances and Lessons:
Click on "Current Events" for the most current dance and lesson information!

General Dance/Lesson Schedule:       
Every Wednesday –
Line or Flow Lesson @ 7:30pm (Free with $5/pp admission fee [$3/pp, members])
Every Wednesday – Open Dance @ 8pm

Every Friday – Open Dance @ 7pm ($5/pp admission [$3/pp, members]) ; the 27th is the Spring Dance and Potluck!

The Groove – watch the 'Current Events' schedule for changes due to other dances in the area! Usually the 3rd Saturday.
7pm - Lesson ($5/pp) 
8pm - 12mn Dance ($5/pp or $3/pp for PLDC members)

Prairie Ballroom Dance -- FOURTH Saturday
7pm - 11pm Prairie Ballroom Dance ($5/pp or $3/pp for PLDC members)

Taking Care of Business:

Membership:  84 - no change

PLDC Officers -- If you have a question or concern, contact these folks:
President - Suzi Morrow          Vice President - position vacant
Treasurer - Pam Hines     Asst Tresurer - Tom Serra     Secretary - Sharon Gipson

Board of Directors -- If you have a question or concern, contact these folks:
Chairman - Les Morrow  Vice Chair - Linda Serra  Secretary - Sharon Gipson
Board Members: Jetta Boldini, Chris Field, Cindy Harris, Don Hunt, Bob Gipson, Sharon Gipson, Les Morrow, Suzi Morrow, Linda Serra

Have a Problem? See ...
Maintenance issue - John Mahan
Membership - Cindy Harris
Bootnotes - Suzi Morrow
Party Planning - Linda Serra

To get contact information for any of these people, email dance2morrow@comcast.net