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Welcome to Prairie Land Dance Club:


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4,000 sq. ft. Hardwood Dance Floor

Illinois School for the Deaf


Prairie Land Dance Club was asked to come to Illinois School for the Deaf to teach the students a Line Dance. The teacher created this special time as a reward for their achievements in reading. 

Marilyn Ferry and Jo Hays taught them three Line Dances called The Burger Dance, Michael Jackson Stomp, and Cupid Shuffle.

How very precious and enthusiastic! They liked each dance but were over the top when we did the Michael Jackson Stomp. Their skills were amazing. Their hearing did not hinder them in any way. Ourselves, the teachers, the principal and the students were thrilled. Many hugs and smiles were shared. 

To have participated in their special day,  November 5, 2010 will always be something special for us as a club. 

Dance For The Dream 2010 @ PLDC!

Prairie Land Dance Club welcomed Scooter Lee, 
Jo Thompson Szymanski and Suzanne Wilson!

Jo did a solo dance while signing the words Scooter sang...
...this was really a treat!


To the Right!



Thanks to Scooter, Jo and Suzanne for sharing their
energy, talent and smiles with us all day long!


Clean Up Day!       



Merry Christmas to one and all from
Prairie Land Dance Club!

Lots of donations for the Santa's Elves Project!

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Scooter Lee 2001

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Prairie Workshop 

Joanne Brady with Larry and Jodi Carriger

                     Larry Boezeman and Joanne....                   Joanne the DJ